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Erotica is changing and so are those who write it. Once, only found covered in brown paper wrapping, erotica now appears everywhere, and in all forms, from the graphic to the subtle. Chocolate Seduction is one of those books that take you from one extreme to the other and you'll enjoy the ride to either end of your trip. Writers from across the genre spectrum team up in this book, bringing their specialties together to make each erotic story unique and fascinating as well as sexually lingering on the mind. The publisher had a great idea with this compilation of talent. I hope there will be more anthologies from this group of hot author because together they are on fire.

Black erotica is finding a larger audience every day and this collection of short stories will certainly enhance that trend. Unlike similar anthologies, A Chocolate Seduction is not just vignettes of couples hooking up for hot, smutty sex. Most of the stories are actually just that - a complete story with a plot, conflict, and resolution.

TL Gardner reels you in with his signature, sexy vampiress, and Lena Scott makes you look at your yard man in a totally different way. T. Blackmon, Jr.'s reverse spin on the edible version of Pygmalion's Galatea will have you examining sculpture in a more tactile fashion, while newcomer Camille Prioleau's cross of Donald Trump's The Apprentice and Flavor Flav's Flavor of Love will definitely bring the drama. And Shelley Hallima's chocolate menage a trois - well, enough said - read it yourself.

All in all, an enjoyable collection by some exciting authors.


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