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A Chocolate Seduction by Various Authors (Anthology)
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Release Date: Spring 2006
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$9.95 - Paperback

The taboo of sexual indulgence is unleashed in this collection of erotic stories designed to awaken your sweet tooth and leave you throbbing with desire.

Can you taste it? The smooth, delicate flavor of the cocoa bean as it melts on your tongue. The swirling sensation in the pit of your stomach as your nipples hardens.

Can you smell it? The sweet aroma emanating from the sugary substance? The intoxicating scent of arousal on moistened, pulsating lips.

Can you feel it? Soft, velvety, creamed to perfection. The gift of orgasm whether swallowed or licked upon expulsion.

Can you read it? A collection of fictionís hottest African-American authors, team up for this insatiable compilation!

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